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Are You On Medicare?

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Are You On Medicare?


Iora Primary Care

At IORA with One Medical, health is what matters most

At Iora with One Medical, health is what matters most.

Relationship-based healthcare means Iora’s team is here for patients when they’re sick and when they’re healthy.

At Iora with One Medical, health is the top priority. In order to help patients thrive in every aspect of their life, Iora’s healthcare team and providers are committed to a comprehensive approach to health. Iora’s team is here to listen, support, and find the best treatment plan for patients.

Iora with One Medical has a care model that allows the care team to build relationships with patients in ways other doctors who accept Medicare don’t. “The relationships we build with our patients are foundational to our work. Your care team is made up of your primary care provider, Health Coach, and other healthcare professionals, and we’re here to work with you, your family, and your local specialists, to find the right solutions for your unique needs. We want to learn your goals and challenges, so we can help you live your healthiest life.” To help patients thrive in every part of life, the care team and providers at Iora’s doctor’s office are committed to providing the best possible care, whenever patients need us. Every day, Iora continues to discover new ways to better serve those on Medicare in the local community.

Another way Iora builds strong relationships with patients and the local community is by offering virtual and in person events open to all to keep the community connected. Join us at a local practice to learn more. Some events Iora hosts include:

• Open house events to connect with the Iora community

• Educational seminars to keep you informed about important health topics for those on Medicare

• Special events to celebrate our patients and partners

At Iora with One Medical, care teams provide care to patients inperson, by video, or over the phone—whichever way patients are most comfortable. If patients do come into the office, measures are being taken to keep patients safe. Iora is here to help patients get the most from their insurance plan. Whether you’re already working with a local Medicare agent, have questions about how to find a Medicare agent, or have questions about your options, Iora’s here to help. We are a Medicare-participating provider. Iora accepts Original Medicare with or without most Medicare supplement plans, as well as select Medicare Advantage plans. To see if we accept your specific insurance plan, you can contact our team at 866-335-4672.

Iora with One Medical sees primary care as something more. More people working together. More ways to help patients with their health needs. More relationships across the healthcare community to help patients manage their care and focus on living the life they deserve. Interested in becoming a patient or learning more about Iora with One Medical? Call 770-299-0968 or go to to schedule an appointment.

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